Marketing with an eye on the future

“Change is the only constant in life.” -Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

A rising tide lifts all boats and nothing benefits a community, city, or region more than a stable, prosperous and peaceful marketplace.

Based in Maryland, the team at Harvester Marketing LLC helps clients in our region communicate their value by creating and implementing projects that grow revenue, save money or increase membership and audience. 

Harvester Marketing provides unique artwork (Harvester Artwork) created with traditional watercolor painting and charcoal drawing. 

Mike Robinson

Owner & Client Service Director


Harvester's main point of contact is a Towson University alumnus with decades of sales and marketing experience, including 10 years with Burrelles Media Monitoring Services in Washington D.C. An avid outdoorsman and artist, Mike values maximizing his time in the woods, fields and rivers of Maryland. When you have a moment, check out Mike's blog Maryland Outdoor Life.

Mike is very creative and thoughtful. He changed my business for the BEST! Worth the investment and more!


Mayo, Maryland

Mike is a very enthusiastic and hard working professional!  He is extremely supportive and goes out of his way to assist with so many different aspects of marketing… Mike has the ability to look at the details needed within the structure of the company and translate that within the bigger picture to the customers.


Annapolis, MD

Mike has helped us grow and flourish since we opened a brick and mortar location... Mike’s job is to work with and advise me on all things related to marketing. As a small business owner I recognize the importance of his role and he understands the work has to be affordable for us to succeed. He is honest, loyal, talented, and his work ethic is beyond what I expected.


Annapolis, MD

Mike is a true sales, marketing and PR pro. His passion and work ethic are strong, as is his professional business savvy. If you want someone who really has your best interest at heart — you want to work with Mike Robinson.


Washington, D.C.


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