Today's marketplace is mobile

We provide full consultation on the set-up and management of mobile-friendly websites, paid search, HarvesterMobileTM phone ads, social media, email, graphics, sales outreach, media relations and more for lead generation.

Pick your targets, create your messages, and promote.

​Top Ten Questions to ask yourself:
  1. How do new customers hear about you?
  2. Who buys your products and services - and when?
  3. Who is your competition and how do you compare?
  4. Where do you appear in online searches?
  5. Is your website mobile-friendly?
  6. What social media platform is right for you?
  7. Who do you wish were your customers?
  8. Where do your customers shop, online and offline?
  9. How do you communicate with your current customers?
  10. How do you encourage repeat business?

The Harvester System







Some recent work is below.

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